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Libye - la vérité - Rothschild contre Kadhafi - vidéo 9’23

mardi 3 décembre 2013, par bebert (Date de rédaction antérieure : 1er septembre 2011).

Du temps de Kadhafi, la banque centrale libyenne appartenait à la Libye, et était donc libre et au service des Libyens ! La première chose qu’ont fait les rebelles de Benghazi fut de fonder une nouvelle banque centrale tenue par Rothschild !


Libya has been conquered by the evil Rothschild empire through their obedient slave NATO forces….It may be too late for the nation of Libya now, but still some real truths about what happened in Libya must be told.

Here now, I want to present a great Youtube video, entitled : "Libya Truth", and I highly recommend that everyone take the time to watch it in its entirety, and pay attention to the facts presented. I have some comments to follow :

Libya Truth 2011

DnB Soundtrack

Cliquer sur l’image pour voir la vidéo.

NTS Notes : From all of the evidence that I have seen and studied over the years about the nation of Libya, what is presented here is the absolute truth !

It does not take much research to see that my country, Canada, and others in the Rothschild controlled empire, were told to send in their obedient NATO (slave) forces and put Libya back under the yoke of Rothschild controlled debt based money. Such is the evil of these criminal Jewish bankers that they do not care that thousands of innocent civilians were outright murdered to secure another nation in their long sought dream of world domination !

Libya was doing everything possible to free itself from the evil Rothschild empire, and they have now paid the ultimate price for the pursuit of true freedom from the forces of pure evil. As the video states, people everywhere must wake the hell up and stop this madness, for now these evil criminals have Syria and Iran on their radar scopes as the next countries to fall !

More to come


27 août 2011

Please read Qaddafi's Green Book. Download link:

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Love & Respect to Netsky / Hospital Records / The Cut Up Boys / Ministry Of Sound Records.

Memory Lane by Netsky

Memory Lane vs Happiness Happening from Mash Up Mix 2010 by The Cut Up Boys

Some of what I have found out about Libya & Muammar Al Qaddafi since the brutal, illegal invasion of Libya by Rothschild owned NATO forces.

Not only have I learnt that Qaddafi is NOT a dictator (he stood down after setting up direct democracy) but his people have something to teach us about freedom & independence!

I ask all reading this to do whatever they can to oppose the New World Order, NATO, the UN & our corrupt politicians.

The draft UN report on human rights in Libya before the NATO bombings & invasion.

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Organise or Join People's Congresses across the world.

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Thank you to all people seeking for & speaking the truth. You inspire me...

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